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Partners for the Rwanda anti-corruption programme

Prof. dr. S. Parmentier
Sociology of Crime, Law and Human Rights
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Prof. dr. G. C. G. J. van Roermund
Philosophy of Law
Tilburg University

Dr. J. de Vries
Socio-cultural analist
Strategic advisor

Prof. Dr. P.A.M. Kommers
Media and cognitive support
Educational technology
University of Utrecht

Drs. H. de Ruijter
Applied Psychology, Art and Architecture

Drs. C. L. M. van Winden
Human Geography
Hon. A. Makuba
Member of Parliament 1994-2000
Minister of State (agriculture) 2000-2002
Member of Parliament 2003-2008
Agriculture engineer, Tashkent Uzbekistan
Prof. dr. A. Shyaka
Political Science
National University of Rwanda
Prominent political scientist and governance expert of the Africa’s Great Lake Region
Former director Centre for Conflict Management (CCM)
CEO Rwanda Governance Board (RGB)

Mr. G. Mbanda
Head of Media Affairs and Communication Department RGB

Mrs. S. Kamikazi MSc
Social Research
Specialist on Rwanda governance data
Employee of RGB

Hon. J.P. Karabaranga
Ambassador of Rwanda in the Netherlands