Capacity building on consultancy

“Corruption zero” in Kinyarwanda

Strengthening governance in Africa

Rwanda has firmly turned its back on its past. Considering the number of requests for assistance coming from several African countries, Rwanda has become an inspiring example for other Africans to also take their future into their own hands.

Stillare suggested to the CEO of the Rwandan Governance Board, Prof. Shyaka Anastase, to start consultancy on governance to share Rwandan achievements with fellow Africans. Stillare and former Rwandan diplomats will form a consultancy group on a diversity of governance topics. The first topic will be Zero Tolerance on Corruption-policies.

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Tito Rutaremara

Where did you get this idea?
From heaven?

Agnes Dinkelman visited Tito Rutaremara in 2014 to ask for his support. As she told him that she wanted to start a consultancy on Rwandan achievements in governance to share with fellow Africans he asked: “where did you get this idea? From heaven? This idea is important for the whole of Africa, how can I support you?”

Tito Rutaremara, Paul Kagame and Fred Rwigema formed the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) in 1987. ‘On his visits to Kampala, the trio would discuss rebellion. Rutaremara argued there were lessons to be learned from previous struggles: foreign backing could turn out to be a yoke; Western ideology made a revolution inflexible and exclusive; and strong self-criticism was needed to avoid corruption, factionalism and authoritarianism. The RPF, the three men concluded, must be self-reliant, inclusive – incorporating fighters, civilians, Hutu and Tutsi alike – and internally democratic.’*

After the genocide of 1994, they built Rwanda according to these principles. Today, we can see Rwandan achievements.

*Quoted from

Programme partners

Prof. Dr. Shyaka, CEO Rwanda Governance Board (RGB)


Product development (to be added)


  • Advice, education and exchange
  • Strategic advice (survey and interpretation)
  • Long term assistance, combined by education, exchange and coaching on the job/spot
  • Courses and train de trainer concepts for a diversity of target audiences

Ambassador Jean Pierre KarabarangaKarabaranga en Dinkelman

Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga of Rwanda in the Netherlands with Agnes Dinkelman from Stillare. He is an important supporter of the programme. Zr. Ms. Rotterdam September 2016.

Personal observation: going to church in Rwanda, october 2013

De dame naast mij, opvallend rank, pakweg 30 jaar oud, gehuld in een lange, strak aansluitende, Vlisco-bruin-zwarte jurk, ontfermt zich over mij en vertaalt 3 uur lang grote delen van de dienst. Ik hoor hoe de 3 priests, waarvan eentje de senior is van rond de 55 jaar, het hele proces van schuld, boete, vergeving, hoop en bevrijding door akkeren, met veel gevoel voor timing, een professionele microfoontechniek en een strakke planning. Want deze heren weten precies wat ze doen.

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