Hans de Kruijf

Hans de Kruijf is partnering Stillare in the Placemaking: Cities in Green programme.

Hans de Kruijf is a cultural anthropologist and ICT4D consultant. He is attached to Utrecht University and has conducted research projects in South and North America, Europe, Southern and West Africa as well as South Asia. His research focuses on the everyday experience of existential uncertainties and transformation in light of intensified global interconnectness and increased mobility. As such, he has investigated diasporic Islam in the post 9/11 Americas, economic resilience in crisis-hit Iceland, and non-conventional kinds of political participation of hypermobile untouchables (Dalit) from India.

His recent work explores the use of information and communication technology in contexts of uprootedness and/or marginality. Together with Ajaya Sahoo, he has thus published a book on Indian Transnationalism Online (Ashgate/Routledge 2014). Furthermore, he has been involved in a UNICEF project on electronic cash transfers, and has assessed the effectiveness of a multifaceted eHealth project in Northern Ghana (2014/15).

Hans has taught courses on Violence, Trauma and Reconciliation at the Utrecht University College, and currently lectures on Globalization and Socio-cultural Complexity at UU’s department of Cultural Anthropology. He runs courses on ethnographic research and academic writing in Anthropology’s research master program (CASTOR) and has supervised PhD and MSc. research projects across the globe.

An expert on qualitative investigations and participatory methods, Hans aims to facilitate the collaborative and knowledge-based character of Stillare’s ventures.

Contact : hansdekruijf@stillare.com