Jeroen de Jonge

Jeroen de Jonge is partnering Stillare in the Placemaking: Cities in Green programme.

Jeroen de Jonge is a former naval officer of the Royal Netherlands Navy. During the last ten years he was involved in policymaking and planning at the Ministry of Defence. He was responsible for the naval input into the Future Policy Survey into the Netherlands Ministry of Defence Ambition Level, on Tasks and Requirements.

He was a Senior Policy Analyst at HCSS (the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies) providing military advice to the staff. He was involved in Defence Transformation projects working on future issues like international policy and strategy developments with security implications. In Brussels, he worked as a Military Policy Advisor to NATO IS, Defence Investments where he was responsible for preparatory staff work for the Defence Policy Planning Committee.

Now, he is Business Director Naval Programs at TNO. TNO has been the strategic innovation partner for the NLD Ministry of Defence for decades, specifically so for naval innovations. Jeroen coordinates the multifaceted and multidisciplinary research and development activities for these programs and acts as POC for all stakeholders: MOD, shipbuilding industry and our R&D partners. He also is TNO’s moderator at Defence and Security events.

HCSS and TNO are the organizers of the Future Force Conferences that are held once in the two years and is the most important Defence and Security meeting of both sides of the Atlantic where international and national security partners, leading academics, top civil servants, military leaders and the most innovative industrial players come together and explore the near future. Jeroen is one of the organizers.

Jeroen is committed to share his views on safety, security and stability within Stillare. The topic of ‘Societal Resilience’ is one of his main issues as it comes to social engineering. As a former naval officer, as a moderator and as Stillare partner, Jeroen is committed to add the human factor to the security discourse.


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