Kria Djoyoadhiningrat

Stillare is partnering Studio ROSA in the Foundation.

As architect and social entrepreneur, Kria Djoyoadhiningrat helps to realize the wishes and fulfil the needs of urban inhabitants, preferably in tropical countries. He is the director of Studio ROSA, a multidisciplinary collective for spatial planning, urbanism and architecture. His social mission is to end slums worldwide. For this purpose he founded the Foundation.

He was captivated by Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the cartoneros, the local waste scavengers, Kria developed several methods for transforming waste materials directly into building materials. In turn it could be used to expand the waste processing plant, improving capacity. When the smelly river is finally cleaned, the nearby tourist area will expand towards the river. The layout and architecture of the building anticipate a transformation of the waste plant into a theatre. At the same time the cartoneros would transform to become the theatre crew and actors.

After his graduation in 2008 Kria worked as an architect in Curaçao, Brazil, Peru, Surinam, Senegal, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire and the Netherlands. While working there on mostly commercial and residential developments, he was constantly irritated by the neglect of the informal settlements in most countries. He has been working both with commercial clients and informal communities to look for alternatives, pragmatic win-win solutions. To focus and sustain his initiative, he founded the Foundation in 2016, which aims at Participatory Urban Design and Strategic Spatial Planning.

Now, Kria is working to substantiate a consortium of like-minded people from a wide variety of disciplines to implement the vision of He understands very well that architecture alone is not saving slums or the slum inhabitants. Next to the spatial aspect, we need to integrate financial, legal and social issues in a user-centred, customized and precise answer. Studio ROSA is happy to join forces with Stillare and Agnes Dinkelman. Especially her expertise with working on systemic approaches in post-conflict areas is much needed. Slums worldwide are basically contested neighborhoods in constant, but latent conflict.


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