Agnes DinkelmanAgnes Dinkelman – founder Stillare

Agnes chooses to address complex societal issues. She is a social engineer with a background in social sciences and mediation/negotiation.

Her work for the Dutch National Police, the Dutch National Army and the Dutch Refugee Council provided her with a basis for security and safety sensitivity. Within Stillare she combined her knowledge and experience in analysis, mediation, large scale psychology and change management. She works on approaches and methodology to improve societal resilience by human factor.

Keycompetence and main asset is her ability to operate in diffuse and complex circumstances and conflict situations.

Agnes is founder of Stillare. Stillare is a network of scientists and practitioners. Stillaredesigns and executes programmes and large-scale-systemic approaches for safety, security and stability issues.

Key issues are community security, polarisation, transparency and corruption and counterterrorism.

The Stillare team members worked all over the globe. Agnes worked in Kurdistan Iraq, Liberia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and currently she is preparing for security and stability issues in Yemen and Somalia.

As a social engineer, she comes up with fresh interpretations and solutions. “My interventions have impact because they fit the mentality of the groups and individuals I work with. We make the interventions fit by a deep understanding of the communities we work in. We explore the political, historical, societal and large scale psychological DNA of the situation. Navigating through life circumstances and the current day to day situation we discover a mentality fitting approach.”

Stillare is using a diversity of knowledge fields. The Placemaking programme is an example of combining fields of knowledge to have real impact on communities. The Kurdistan and Zimbabwe cases are a good example of the seamless fit with the mentality of the Kurdish Police forces or Zim relationships between chiefs, men and women. Often, Stillare is asked: “How did you do it?”, or “Why do things change so fast?” Stillare engineers are no wizards, we just work on sound understanding of the drivers that shape reality and profound understanding of what is and what can be. And we love what we do. In Europe or beyond.

Before Agnes founded Stillare, she worked for the Dutch refugee council on quality management of the human factor. For the Dutch National Police, she worked on Intelligence Led Policing, and role view of civil Police forces in conflict areas in failed and fragile states. For the Dutch National Army, Agnes designed a new way to bring the human factor to ‘Understanding’. She lectured on this issue in the whole security domain. As a consultant, she served several municipalities with large scale mediations, educated candidate mediators towards their exam, introduced mediation into schools and guided migrant leaders towards next steps in their communities.

Currently she works with Dr. Willeke Slingerland on an educational book about the impact of social engineering.



Agnes Dinkelman werkt aan onderwerpen op het gebied van sociale stabiliteit en veiligheid. Ze is een ervaren mediator die zich specialiseerde in diepgevoelde tegenstellingen tussen mensen met gevolgen voor veiligheid en stabiliteit. Agnes vult algemeen onderzoek aan met veldonderzoek. Met haar kennis en ervaring op het gebied van mentaliteit, wereldbeelden en sociale dynamiek ontwikkelt ze voor ongewenste sociale situaties handelingsperspectieven. De praktijk laat zien dat haar invalshoeken elke keer weer een nieuwe aanpak voor vraagstukken oplevert.

In diverse Arabische en Afrikaanse landen werkte ze op het gebied van bestuur, transparency en sociale stabiliteit. Agnes’ kennis en vaardigheden komen het best tot zijn recht in diffuse en complexe omstandigheden. In Nederland werkte ze voor COA als adviseur, voor de Nederlandse Politie op het gebied van Intelligence Led Policing, leiderschap en wijkwerk. Voorts deed ze onderzoek naar de rol van civiele Politie in conflictbeheersingsoperaties. Ze introduceerde bij de Krijgsmacht een nieuwe aanvliegroute voor het begrip “Understanding” gebaseerd op de wijze waarop mentaliteit en wereldbeelden gedrag van individuen en volkeren bepaalt. Op het gebied van inburgeringsbeleid ontwikkelde ze een nieuwe rationale, een andere basis waarop het beleid kan worden geënt.