Analysis and frameworks for action
Social engineering is the art of influencing social dynamics. We design frameworks for action in social undesirable situations. We broaden the social license to operate in Company Community relationships, design CSR projects or guide strategic management in the boardroom towards frameworks for action and negotiation during deadlocks. We find ways to influence the dark side of phenomena as corruption, nepotism and polarization. Our unique point is that we make sure the action frameworks are seamlessly fitting the situation. Often we are asked: “Why have these people an open eye for what you are suggesting?”

The social engineers within Stillare work towards a deep understanding of the situation by combining the perspectives of all stakeholders with assessments of political and social history, large scale psychology, sociology and economics. Based on life circumstances and current and practical day to day life we determine and often execute interventions that fit the reality of the situation.

On our programme pages you can find examples: television programmes for decreasing polarization, city diplomacy to strengthen neighbourhoods against violence, urban planning for safety, policy frameworks on transparency, greening deserts to undermine terrorism…

Deeply felt differences
Mediation is often part of the intervention-set but is not sufficient for the deeply felt differences in complex social dynamics. We therefore create an above laying narrative that is acceptable and often desirable for all the stakeholders. The new narrative creates a new domain, a new playing ground in which each stakeholder can find profit. Each stakeholder finds itself besides its comfort zone for a bit. When all stakeholders prefer the new profit above the old situation they find new ways to relate to each other. When they restore their balance new social dynamics between the stakeholders is the result.

Often we are asked: “Why do these people have an open eye for what you are suggesting?”, or simply “How did you do it?”. Stillare engineers are no wizards, we just work on sound understanding of the drivers that shape reality and profound understanding of what is and what can be done.

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