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Gender Based Violence in rural communities

Zimbabwe: Story of the Rocks
Gender Based Violence in rural communities


A year later

A year after this session, I am proud to announce that the women and men of Seke still are on track. They deliberated and found new ways to come to a balance. Patriarchy became less violent and women were allowed to create more balance in their lives. There has been a growth in the collaboration between the women and the real men of Seke.


Talking to the men of Seke: the story of the rocks

Agnes Dinkelman is talking to the men of Seke


Background of the Story of the Rocks




Forum for women leaders

Harare, Zimbabwe
The Second Colloquium on Women's Empowerment, Leadership, Development, Peace and Security was a forum intended for women leaders to exchange experiences and ideas on women's leadership.
The colloquium gave particular attention to the situation of women's leadership and peace building in Zimbabwe, particularly with an assessment of the space for women in rural settings. It was attended by women leaders with either a political background or a role in NGOs from a range of countries, from South Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Liberia, to the Philippines, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The second colloquium was held five years after the first colloquium. The previous one was hosted by President Sirleaf of Liberia and co-hosted by President Halonen from Finland. It reviewed the progress to implement the Monrovia Declaration as adopted in Liberia in 2009.
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Patriarchy and women space to operate - Story on the Rocks - Stillare
Talking to the men - Story on the Rocks - Stillare
Background Story of the Rocks - Stillare
Story of the rocks - Agnes Dinkelman
Agnes Dinkelman working with Zimbabwean women
Prof. dr. M van Reisen from Tilburg University asked Stillare to work with the women of Zimbabwe. The goal was to work towards more community security by empowerment of women leadership. This work was input to the Second Colloquium on Women's Empowerment, Leadership, Development, Peace and Security held in Harare Zimbabwe and Leiden The Netherlands in the autumn of 2014.

While exploring the situation of the women of Zimbabwe, Stillare found a way that brings both men and women to a next stage of coping with each other. Not by working on equality… not by talking about women rights…. We worked on the connection between men and women by improving their consciousness on the interests they both have. Women and men understood that combining their skills would enhance their possibilities to reach their goals. While working with the women the men and the chiefs, we found a way to shape modern patriarchy serving the whole community again.