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About Tammo Oegema - partner Stillare

Tammo Oegema is partnering Stillare in the Placemaking: Cities in Green programme. Tammo Oegema

Tammo Oegema is a system analyst and social engineer. He studied quantative modelling (econometrics) and welfare economics. Learning from the system analysis behind the scenario's of 'Limits to Growth'(1972) he recognizes that long term developments of population, state of ecology, resources, food supply and the western focus on GNP as sole measure for welfare will lead to tensions on all regional levels of scale. Finding solutions for multi-faceted problems and implementing them was key during his work at sustainability think-tank IMSA.

He has a longstanding experience with projects on the edges of science, governments, business, NGO's and media to bring sustainable development into gear. Two projects illuminate approach and skills: Turning the stalemate around the Dutch Wadden Sea into an attractive solution for each stakeholder (Win, win and the Wadden Sea) as well as removing the last huge barrier to start constructing Maasvlakte 2.

Key competence is development of new perspectives on multi-faceted problems and finding and implementing the right incentives for actors to embrace these new perspectives.

Tammo is Co-founder of ARC (Amsterdam Resilience Collective).



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