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Programme description: an integral view

5. Planning
Identification of themes and players
Realizing such project need good preparations while collaboration on many themes is required. On the one hand there is feasibility: where are the areas that could serve as catalists? On the other hand: who are the most suited partners on all themes to create a base for long term collaboration. The following themes and players should be identified:


Issues within themes

Identified & to be identified

Governance of the project

overarching process leaders (current phase)

Stillare, ARC

Land and land ownership

local & national land, owners /users, policies, law issues

To be identified

Technical expertise

plants and seeds, ecologists, agrarian process leaders

Permaculture Research Institute (Australia), TNO, NIOO-WUR (Netherlands), HoA-REC&N (Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre and Network), Waterlex, Desert Control Nano Clay, The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration, Commonland and others

Business plan

Entrepreneurs, governments

To be identified


Financial / economic expertise



security at the spots

To be identified

Creating green spots

labour, local

Local groups – IO’s and international and local NGO’ss



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